ripping up carpeting and jazzing up a bathroom

Finding that the end reward isn’t necessarily about the product but the satisfaction in sharing. Sickeningly sweet sentiment, I know ….

bathroom-1432362_1280March and April 2016 were busy months, as wood floors replaced old carpeting and the half bath began its transformation. I found myself looking at the calendar, as April and my mother’s arrival loomed in the not-too-distant future.  Continue reading “ripping up carpeting and jazzing up a bathroom”

my kingdom for a walk-in shower

The road to beauty is paved with sledgehammers, miles of pipe and vindictive cats.

renovation-1262389_1280To prepare for my mother’s arrival, several renovation projects needed to be undertaken. The first room to go under the sledgehammer was my bathroom – the only full bathroom in the apartment. It was December 5th, 2015 … the last time I would sleep in my bedroom until early March of the following year.  Continue reading “my kingdom for a walk-in shower”