the amusing gentlemen of murder

Father Brown and Hercule Poirot are very entertaining guys … and have terrific sidekicks.

detective-152085_1280Father Brown and Agatha Christie’s Poirot are two of our favorite shows. It’s not surprising, as both showcase smart and amusing fellows who just happen to find a lot of dead bodies. At first, Mom was skeptical – she was not a mystery buff, after all. Continue reading “the amusing gentlemen of murder”

laughing with television comedies

The challenges of older women and crazy families can be pretty entertaining ….


It’s hard to find comedies that engage my mother. Her sense of humor has changed over the years. She doesn’t stay current with pop culture, so does not always understand the references in current shows. There are two programs that always manage to make her laugh and that we have watched over and over again: The Golden Girls and Keeping Up Appearances.  Continue reading “laughing with television comedies”

finding an educational message

Mom and I like to learn new things, so we find ways to grow that also are entertaining.




Television is at its best, in my opinion, when it opens a window on something new or shines a spotlight on something artistic or presents great storytelling. For my mother, television is a primary source of information. She no longer reads newspapers and rarely reads magazines. TV is her source for national and local news; she doesn’t follow the ins and outs of pop culture. However, she does like history and science.  Continue reading “finding an educational message”

the joys of an old building

Old buildings can be unique charmers or money pits, but the sense of history is wonderful.

I like old buildings. My home is in a building that is about 115 years old. I just watched Homes by the Sea, a UK show on Netflix about, well, living by the sea – those buildings make my 115-year old look like a “new build”.  I invariably enjoy the (rather limited) offerings on HGTV more when the renovation or purchase involves an older house. Sometimes there is an updated, but not gutted, old home in another country, which is fun. I just find older buildings to be more interesting.  Continue reading “the joys of an old building”