the joys of an old building

Old buildings can be unique charmers or money pits, but the sense of history is wonderful.

I like old buildings. My home is in a building that is about 115 years old. I just watched Homes by the Sea, a UK show on Netflix about, well, living by the sea – those buildings make my 115-year old look like a “new build”.  I invariably enjoy the (rather limited) offerings on HGTV more when the renovation or purchase involves an older house. Sometimes there is an updated, but not gutted, old home in another country, which is fun. I just find older buildings to be more interesting.  Continue reading “the joys of an old building”

surprise! let’s renovate the kitchen

The best laid plans … often go awry … or at least are rescheduled.


I had a plan: undertake a big project in my apartment every other year. It would take forever, but that timeline would allow me to pay off one project and save up for the next. First it was replacing the carpeting and the heating and air conditioning system (year 1), then replacing the kitchen appliances (year 3), then repainting the living room and bedroom (year 5) and then replacing the windows (year 7). The full bathroom was set to be next in year 9 (2013), but there were other things that needed to be done – replacing my laptop and some furniture. So the full bathroom renovation was set for 2015, with the floors scheduled for 2017, the kitchen in 2019, the half bath and new doors (and maybe the walk-in closet) in 2021. Just as we were ready to begin tearing out bathroom tile, my mother announced her plan to move in with me.  Continue reading “surprise! let’s renovate the kitchen”

carving out a space for Mom

Everyone needs their own space but we also need to have a cohesive flow throughout this small space.

fairy-tale-2229620_1280Finding room in a one-bedroom apartment for another sleeping area was a little challenging. After fighting with the cat for space during renovations, I held my breath about adding another person into the mix. But at least my mother doesn’t bite or scratch!  Continue reading “carving out a space for Mom”

ripping up carpeting and jazzing up a bathroom

Finding that the end reward isn’t necessarily about the product but the satisfaction in sharing. Sickeningly sweet sentiment, I know ….

bathroom-1432362_1280March and April 2016 were busy months, as wood floors replaced old carpeting and the half bath began its transformation. I found myself looking at the calendar, as April and my mother’s arrival loomed in the not-too-distant future.  Continue reading “ripping up carpeting and jazzing up a bathroom”

my kingdom for a walk-in shower

The road to beauty is paved with sledgehammers, miles of pipe and vindictive cats.

renovation-1262389_1280To prepare for my mother’s arrival, several renovation projects needed to be undertaken. The first room to go under the sledgehammer was my bathroom – the only full bathroom in the apartment. It was December 5th, 2015 … the last time I would sleep in my bedroom until early March of the following year.  Continue reading “my kingdom for a walk-in shower”