big knitting … this is no little cat mat!

For some reason, I took on a few bigger knitting projects all at the same time.

My mother started our “big knitting” craze by making a couple of lap blankets for Christmas – one for her sister and the other for herself. They aren’t too big – just enough to fit over her legs. We decided to put flannel on the back, making it nice and warm. Mom uses it all the time and it’s been great to see her use the things she has made. It also provided a nice break from the smaller cat mats and children’s hats we had been knitting.  Continue reading “big knitting … this is no little cat mat!”

knitting update … we made stuff!

Yards of yarn later and we have hats and cat mats/blankets.

knitting-2700730_1280Mom and I have been bitten by the knitting bug, which is much more pleasant than it sounds. Over the past 6-8 weeks, we have created many items to donate, which has been a great use of time. I mentioned this is a prior post – doing something usefulContinue reading “knitting update … we made stuff!”

doing something useful

Reaching out to others is rewarding and offers an opportunity to share our gifts and talents …



“It’s nice to be doing something useful.” Yes, my mother is very excited about a new project: knitting children’s hats for the 500 Hats Project, which is organized by a local store, Lovelyarns in Baltimore. The project asks local knitters and crocheters to make hats for elementary and middle-school children in selected Baltimore City schools or programs. I hope Mom and I can go to the store to deliver the hats, as it looks fantastic: I found out about the program when searching for local knitting-related charity projects and what makes it very convenient and flexible is that there are no deadlines – they accept hats anytime.  Continue reading “doing something useful”