Mom, Oscar the cat and I share an apartment in Baltimore, MD. I’m Susan and am not a particularly “public” person, but am happy to chat.

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Mom is now 90 years old, Oscar is 18, which is about 88 in cat years, so I am actually the youngster at 55. Oscar is the most photogenic of the group, so his pretty face may appear from time to time.

Through these posts, I will share thoughts, feelings and information related to how we are adjusting to changes in our lives … collectively and individually. Some of the posts may be very practical and others more thoughtful, as both feature heavily in our daily lives.

  • I will be screening any comments to reduce spam, trolling, etc.
  • I may provide links to products mentioned in the blog posts – I’m still exploring this possibility, so we’ll see what happens.
  • I’m hoping to post at least once each week, but we’ll see what happens with that too!