update on oscar

cat-154642_1280Five days post-dental work, Oscar is feeling better. He has more energy and is mostly back to his old self. He is quite put out that he can’t have his usual dry food and crunchy treats. I try to explain that they are not allowed until after next Friday, when we go back to the vet. But, my efforts are falling on deaf ears … or maybe I’m not as proficient in “cat” as I thought I was. Either way, this is becoming the longest two weeks of my life! 

In the past, I’ve left out a small bowl of dry food so that he can graze throughout the day and night – he’s very good at self-control and limits himself. I give him a few treats in the morning (chicken) and a few different treats in the evening (either salmon, tuna or poultry). He gets a small can of food in the evening – it has to be freshly opened or he won’t eat it. <*eyeroll*> Anyway, it’s a system.

For this two weeks, he gets a can of food in the morning and another at night but he starts begging for breakfast at about 5:00 am … I don’t get up until about 7:00 am, except now I get up at about 5:30 to serve His Highness. He still begs for treats in the evening, but the only soft treats I have are the pill pockets the vet gave for his pain meds – he’s nearly cleaned me out of them. So, there we go.

Making up for the early morning wake-up call is the resumption of cuddling. For the first few days, I think he was just annoyed that his schedule was disrupted and he cut off cuddle time. Now, we’re back to snuggles in the morning and mandatory lap time in the evening. I guess I’m forgiven … of course, all bets may be off once we finish off the pain medication later this week!

ETA: I just fed Oscar his wet-food dinner – in the deeper bowl used for his dry food rather than the plate or a low soup plate sort of thing normally used for his canned food. Not only did he give it a suspicious look, he looked at me as if to say, “Get it together, woman! This is the wrong dish. Haven’t I suffered enough this week?”



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