beaten by winter?

Falling snow … so pretty to watch through the window or to act as a backdrop for an invigorating walk. Ice on the sidewalk … so scary and uncompromising. 


This latter thought is my new mantra for the winter. I grew up in upstate New York – walking on snow and ice should be in my blood. Apparently there is not a gene for this skill and I’ve completely lost my nerve. I’ve never been a particularly graceful person and am even less so now, so I just don’t like having to go out when it’s messy outside. I’ll admit it: winter’s icy mix has won … I’m licked.

In the presence of icy sidewalks, I am a gutless wonder, a nervous Nellie, a cowardly lion, a frightened bunny, …. I fell a few years ago and it seems to have damaged my psyche more than my bones. I’m sure my trepidation makes me all the more likely to fall! Ice on the sidewalk or steps seems hard and unforgiving. It dares you to step on it.

Snow, on the other hand, still makes me smile. Such different responses to frozen water vs. frozen water vapor. Snow looks so peaceful and clean and calm – at least before the city traffic has its way with it. I like walking in the snow, with the sound of it crunching under my boots and the crisp air on my cheeks. A sunny winter day is beautiful.

2 thoughts on “beaten by winter?

  1. deb March 24, 2018 / 8:33 am

    I believe a fall on ice after a certain age hampers enthusiasm for winter for many people. It’s happened to me, too. When i was raising our children, basically the 70-80s, we lived in both Dakotas, where i became acquainted with winter for the first time (raised in OK & Tx). It was an eye-opener and there were tumbles with my body and our car. However, it wasn’t until i fell on ice in downtown Portland, Oregon, when i was in my late 50s that the stuff scared me into mincing steps and looking ahead for cleared spots. My empathy for you as you live through the rest of this winter, Susan.

    I’ll add a note that i’m glad Oscar is recovering. Soon all will be forgiven. Loved your closing line!


    • alphacatonline March 28, 2018 / 10:32 am

      I thought I replied to this comment, but it doesn’t look like it posted. Anyway, fingers crossed that winter is done for the year! Oscar is happy again. We go to the vet on Friday for a check to make sure everything healed properly, Assuming all goes well, he is back on regular food, which sits in a bowl overnight, and won’t be bothering me at 5 am to open a can of food.


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