renovations: finishing touches to the kitchen

So, we are here. It is done … well, almost.

It took a while to get to the home stretch but it was worth it – the kitchen looks great! There are a few small pieces to finish – bits of trim, a little paint, reorganizing storage. But, overall, it was worth the effort and it’s really come together nicely. The process was long, but the end result is really lovely.

My kitchen is tiny and has several bump-outs or other features (e.g., the heating/AC unit and building supports that run the height of the building and the electrical panel) that cannot be moved. These restrictions further reduce the usable space in the kitchen and the storage options. So, I’ve had to be creative in managing the space. I have a linen cabinet holding pots, pans and baking stuff. I have a tall, narrow chest of drawers holding silverware, dish towels, spices, and cat food. And I have a plant stand holding the cat’s dishes, the toaster, coffeemaker and recycling bin. They are all painted white and sit against white walls.

The appliances are stainless steel (or something resembling stainless), with open shelves over the stove. The cabinets are technically dark midnight blue but often look like dark grey, and there is a pretty grey-bluish granite countertop that is really pretty. The frosted glass “larger than usual” subway tiles complete the look. In many ways, it is similar to the kitchen I had before I moved. I was going to do something completely different, but decided that this would work for me. I didn’t have much time to enjoy my new kitchen in my old apartment, so now I get a taste of it!

It’s so nice to have most everything done – I feel like I’ve moved into that stage of homeownership that is more about maintenance than renovation. The last major renovation is my bathroom, which I may try to do in the fall. I also have some odds and ends to finish, e.g., painting trim, hanging window treatments (not even sure what I want on that score), and installing new thermostats. I’m thinking that the fall will be a good time to take on some of those jobs as well. By then, I should have finished sorting out what to keep and what to donate. It will feel good once we have everything in its place and have narrowed down the clutter. There’s always something that needs doing!

I’ll post pictures once I clean things up a little more.

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