excuses, excuses!

shield-417826_1920So, I’m not sure why I keep putting things off. I’ve always been a bit of a procrastinator, but until last year if something made it on my ever-present “to do” list, it got done. Over the past year, I’ve not only skipped over tasks, I’ve been ignoring the list altogether.

I think (hope) that I may be hitting a turning point, though, as I’m now starting to pay attention to the list again. This doesn’t mean that I’m actually completing things on the list, but at least I’m acknowledging existence of a list and tasks that I’ve been neglecting. This is progress!

What kinds of tasks are on my list? Some are related to clearing out stuff. I’ve got a stack of papers to be shredded, more papers to sort, and a closet to clean. In addition to the piles of papers, my windows are filthy.  I meant to hire someone to lean the upper part of the windows, as they are large and heavy. I can do the lower half of the windows, but just couldn’t get it done this fall. Now it’s pretty chilly to do. This weekend, I cleaned four out of the six windows in my condo. I should do the last two today, but I don’t know that I will get to it. I’ve lost the momentum.

The papers to be shredded will clear the way to sort the other papers, clear out space … so I can identify more papers to sort. I really need to follow up with the paper-based mail that I’m getting. Most of it is requests for donations. Another stack consists mainly of catalogs – I’ve obviously gotten a some list that sells your name. To any companies that may be reading this blog – I DON’T ORDER FROM CATALOGS!! Getting rid of this clutter and sorting out papers are really important tasks, as I cannot find certain papers that I need to find. I put them somewhere to get them out of the way, but I can’t remember where I put them. It’s fine – I’ll find them. It’s annoying, though.

The closet has become an interesting new challenge. Since I work from home now, I don’t need to go into the closet to get clothes in the morning, so it has contributed to the closet being a disaster area! Who knew that I’d become such a slob once I didn’t have to go into my closet?

I thought that the four-day Thanksgiving weekend would give me ample time to make my way through the list. Alas, I’ve not made much progress. But, today is a new day and I’m determined to at least get through a few things and, more importantly, break the cycle of delaying tasks and ignoring the list. Today will be a test. I’ve highlighted four tasks for today – we’ll see how many I get done. This post is one of the highlighted tasks, so I’m on my way.

ETA: This post was the only one of my four highlighted tasks that I finished.

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