surprise: mom likes house!

I watched and loved House, the TV shdr-house-149926_1280ow with the wonderful Hugh Laurie playing the obnoxious Dr. Gregory House. Or at least I loved the first, maybe, five seasons – it went off the rails for me at some point around season six.

As crazy as some of the plots and relationships were on House, my biggest surprise with the series is that my mother actually enjoyed it! Granted, we didn’t watch many episodes and they were all season one – I think The Crown, season 2 became available and we switched to that.

I thought for sure she would hate House, the character and the show, but I was wrong. She thought he was outrageous (of course) but she laughed instead of being, well, outraged. Who knew that deep down, my mother likes bad boys? Maybe this goes along with something I mentioned in an earlier post – that she now seems to be charmed by the cads and scoundrels in old movies. I thought it was because she couldn’t remember that they were not the good guys. But, perhaps I had it wrong.

I have no doubt that some of the later episodes would have put her off Dr. House, though she is sympathetic to people fighting addiction, so who knows. Maybe she would want to console Dr. House – I had a little crush on House, so maybe it runs in the family. Maybe she would respond differently if we watched the same episodes again – that variability happens with her enjoyment of old movies.

Maybe … there are things about mother that I know nothing about! Frankly, I kind of like that idea.

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