allergies are evil


‘Tis the season, I guess. With pollen in the air and spring’s moldy dampness everywhere, the happiness of finally having warmer weather is torpedoed by allergies. As if the frequent sneezing episodes are not enough, the sinus headaches and asthma attacks are really draining. It seems like a chore to breathe! 

Lots of people seem to be having a difficult time these days, so I’m guessing it’s a bad year … though it seems I say that every year. The challenge with living in Baltimore – or anywhere in the mid-Atlantic states, I guess – is that we end up getting very little really nice weather before the hot, humid summer starts. I’m not sure which is worse, the allergies or the humidity. At least in the humidity, my hair becomes very wavy – curly, even – which makes for a nice change!

So we begin the short march to summer weather, when the four-block walk to the train station leaves me needing another shower, air conditioners are cranked to their highest settings and there is a 25-degree difference between indoors and outdoors!


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