whoa … spam!


I think I caught all of the “real” comments, but was met with a wall of spam earlier this week. Well, maybe more of a pony wall, but still ….

In addition to being really irritating, it was a little exciting – like I somehow “made it” to a level where I was noticed in the crowd. Of course, reaching the spam threshold isn’t all that hard and NO ONE should take that statement as an invitation to spam the blog! In fact,  let’s change excited to annoying … no, disconcerting … no, disturbing …. Well, let’s just  cross our fingers that they’ll move on. Fortunately, potential spam is identified and filtered into a separate spot, which makes it easier to wade through.

Thanks to all who have submitted actual comments and who have “liked” my posts. I try to approve comments within a day of receipt and welcome discussion.


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