finding the inspirational

It’s challenging sometimes to find something inspiring, but it’s great when we find it.

butterfly-1112736_1280Mom and I watched part of the March for Our Lives on television and were impressed with the many articulate and passionate speakers – all teenagers plus a couple of 11-12 year olds. It was terrific to see them stand up for what they believe in and rally people to their cause. We often see images of teenagers as self-absorbed or apathetic or superficial – this was an inspirational counter-image.  Continue reading “finding the inspirational”

where’s millie?

Usually, my mother remembers things from long ago, but we have occasional lapses.

decor-2483214_1280A couple of weeks ago, my mother’s first words of the day were, “Where’s Millie?” and I froze. Millie is my mother’s younger sister who died about 42 years ago. She didn’t remember that Millie had died of a brain tumor. I think she realized that forgetting this particular piece of information was a bit unusual for her, as she was rather quiet when I told her. For the next 20 minutes or so, until I left for work, I heard her quietly say several times that she couldn’t believe that she didn’t remember.  Continue reading “where’s millie?”

yikes … my vet bill is how much?

Like people, as animals age there seem to be more medical bills … and more discomfort about linking care and costs.


I adore Oscar. We have been together for almost 15 years and I cannot imagine life without him. Yet, in the past six months, he has been a rather expensive fellow. He has bad teeth – always has had – and needs to have his teeth cleaned … again. For anyone with animals, you know this is outrageously expensive and I have shelled out the cash every couple of years to have his teeth cleaned.  Continue reading “yikes … my vet bill is how much?”

death and memory loss

Since moving down 22 months ago, two of Mom’s friends have died ….


Last year, my mother lost one of her best friends. It was tremendously sad for all of us, as Ginny was a wonderfully energetic woman who shuttled my mother to the doctor’s office, the grocery store, the library and anywhere else Mom needed to go. Ginny was 73 years old and, though she had been sick for a couple of months, her death was a shock. She was always busy with family, crafts, the Church, social organizations and friends, particularly my mother. She always made time for her and went out of her way to make sure Mom was safe and sound. I don’t know what we would have done without her.  Continue reading “death and memory loss”

what does it mean to be elderly?

Who are we talking about, anyway?

Lately, knitting-150970_1280I’ve read a few articles and blog posts about the distinction between “younger” older people and “older” older people. This is interesting to me because, as I’ve been seeking out information over the past couple of years, it is apparent that a lot what’s out there doesn’t really apply to my mother. At a time when 40 is the new 30, I guess 70 may be the new 60 but I don’t know that 89 is the new 79. At some point, Mom caught up with her age.  Continue reading “what does it mean to be elderly?”

know thy pharmacist

My local pharmacist has become an unexpected ally in dealing with Mom’s health.

chemist-2026442_1280Back from my flu break – I’ll be playing catch-up with my posts for the next week or so. Fortunately, I had a fairly light case of the flu (or whatever it was) but it knocked me off my feet for the better part of a week and I’m still getting over the fatigue. At about 3:30 pm, I’m ready for a nap!  Continue reading “know thy pharmacist”