allergies are evil

Why does it seem like I’m allergic to life?


‘Tis the season, I guess. With pollen in the air and spring’s moldy dampness everywhere, the happiness of finally having warmer weather is torpedoed by allergies. As if the frequent sneezing episodes are not enough, the sinus headaches and asthma attacks are really draining. It seems like a chore to breathe!  Continue reading “allergies are evil”

book #2: funny and sad

Can’t We Talk about Something More Pleasant? by Roz Chast is a terrific and honest book.


Can’t We Talk about Something More Pleasant? was a National Book Award finalist, a National Book Critics Circle winner and won a host of other awards. The author, Roz Chast, is a cartoonist and this memoir is written in that format, so it’s a quick read, though not always easy. I heard her discussing the book – I think on C-SPAN – several years ago (it was published in 2014) … long before my mother announced she was moving in with me.  Continue reading “book #2: funny and sad”

big knitting … this is no little cat mat!

For some reason, I took on a few bigger knitting projects all at the same time.

My mother started our “big knitting” craze by making a couple of lap blankets for Christmas – one for her sister and the other for herself. They aren’t too big – just enough to fit over her legs. We decided to put flannel on the back, making it nice and warm. Mom uses it all the time and it’s been great to see her use the things she has made. It also provided a nice break from the smaller cat mats and children’s hats we had been knitting.  Continue reading “big knitting … this is no little cat mat!”

links #3: practical guidance

This is the first blog I read when I joined Wordpress and it remains a source of valuable information.


Elderly Sitting is a very practical and useful blog for anyone living or working or visiting with older people. The author has experience working with elderly people who need assistance and their caregivers who need a break.  Continue reading “links #3: practical guidance”